Under the Iron Sky

Vault of the Wailing Prince, room 01

The Tainted Gallery

Friends of Jonar Redhammer gather in Captain Graypike’s office, where they are informed that Jonar has gone missing during a patrol near the ruins of Amaloss Keep. Aloof, the Captain is clearly unwilling to put in much effort or any reward, though he certainly seems willing to let you risk your life to save your missing friend.

Speaking to Jonar’s fellow guardsmen you find that there have been a rash of disappearances of late, the reason for the increased patrols. Jonar went missing without a trace. After searching the area around the Keep for a few hours, they returned empty-handed.

Banner and friends travel the 10 miles to the Keep and begin the investigation. Many bootprints lead them to an illusory wall and down a flight of stairs.

They find themselves in a room with statues and a pool of acid. After studying a bit they awakened some skeletons. Several party members are quickly slain. While Banner flees, the survivors dispatch the skeletons and continue to study the chamber.

After finding the coward Banner in the woods and dragging him back down into the dungeon, the survivors disabled most of the traps with a mix of cunning and clout.



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