Under the Iron Sky

The Frozen North, part 1

Under the iron skiy, Winter is a dangerous time indeed.

It has been a long, dark winter under the iron sky. The drought of summer has left the foodstores of your small village meager and bare. Even after the tragedy of the Hound, there are simply too many people and too few provisions. So it is that you and your companions packed up, joining the bold heroes that visited Hirot. So it is that you headed out, pitchforks and shovels in hand, into the cold winter of the North. And into the life of an adventurer.

[Please introduce your characters.]


I am Terran. I have been lugging rice all my life, and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I’m ready to make a difference. Time to do something with my life. Let’s go adventuring!

I am Gimil. Fields in the morning. Fields in the afternoon. Field in the evening. I’m sick of looking after pigs. Let’s go.

I am Webely. Write, write, write. I’m sick of writing. I should be out and exploring. Finding the true meaning to words not just writing them.

I am Fratter. I have been juggling all my life. I’m ready to do something with my skills other than making people laugh!

The Frozen North, part 1

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