Minotaur fighter/barbarian


At a whopping 7’8" (1 in over the standard height for a minotaur) this guy weighs 390lbs (also just slightly over). Goblinbane always has that feral, maze minotaur look and wildness in his eyes.


Goblinbane was your typical dungeon minotaur, living with the evil races that lived near and around his maze complex. One day a goblin changed everything… he said “wow, arent you a bit tall for a minotaur?”

Goblinbane didn’t take the comment very well (perhaps because his grasp of the goblin language was limited) and he flew into a frenzy, rushing from goblin to goblin till he had killed the whole tribe.

Several years later, now outcast from his home, he seeks solice and a new maze to live in. But his hatred of goblins is growing, along with his skill at charging headlong into combat.

(this character is to be played by Logan Parker)


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