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  • Sir Everett the wise

    Sir Everett the wise is a well dressed nobelman. He seems to choose his words carefully and often has a bit of trouble remembering things. Luckally he is a graceful athelete and can handle himself well in a battle.

  • Goblinbane

    Goblinbane was your typical dungeon minotaur, living with the evil races that lived near and around his maze complex. One day a goblin changed everything... he said "wow, arent you a bit tall for a minotaur?" Goblinbane didn't take the comment very …

  • Banner

    threw his chicken meat and his fellow halfing butcher's (lou, r.i.p.), at traps to spring them early so the party could manuever around such dangers. the second outing to find his contact red hammer, he set off an acid spray trap that dwindled his …

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