The Village of Hirot


The majority of the buildings in Hirot are timber framed, wattle-and-daub constructions. Many of the smaller homes are mere hovels, with families and livestock sharing the hard-packed earthen floor. In contrast, the homes of prominent merchants are two or even three stories in height, with commerce taking place on the first floor, the family living on the second floor, and the servants and apprentices sleeping in the loft. Extended families commonly live together, with 10 or more family members living in the same home.

Many buildings are abandoned, their former inhabitants slain by the Hound of Hirot. These structures are succumbing to disrepair: their thatched roofs have fallen in, and their furnishings have been ruined by the elements. Some of the abandoned buildings still bear marks of the hound’s violence: shattered doors, bloodstains, and wall scarred by massive talons.

Key to Hirot’s character is its isolation. For most of its folk, knowledge of the World ends twenty miles from the village gates. Seasonal traders are exotic marvels, and the PCs – emerging from the wilderness girded for war – seem the stuff of legend.

The Village of Hirot

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